Direct Billing

All bills are printed on HP LaserJet Printers at 600 dpi. Custom black & white logos can be added at no additional charge. Logos and messages can be customized for each affinity group or even at the customer level.

Full control of each customer's summary reports including specifying the reports to be included, setting how many minutes signals a long duration call and how many calls to a city or number constitute a frequently called place. Set up a discount plan for a specific customer and decide whether the discount is applied to each call or shown as a single line item at the end of the bill. Discounts can be defined by dollar volume or minutes of usage. An affinity group's usage can be combined and each customer in the group given a discount based the group's total usage.

Account codes and each telephone line can have names associated with them. Subtotals by name or department can be defined. You can also specify call minimums and increments for each type of service or on an individual line.

Printing of the call detail can be suspended for any customer or the customer can receive call detail on magnetic media. Additionally, at the customer level you can choose to have a page break after each number, account code or summary report.

There are five sample bills below. They are designed to show the flexibility of InTELEbill®. The message section on the cover of each bill lists some features to look for on that bill. In the links below you will find a brief summary of each bills' features:

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