It is not just an industry buzzword. It is what keeps your corporate accounts loyal. Sandy Beaches Software has a product to add to your retention arsenal... InTELEview Bill Management Software. The simple to operate Windows format allows your customers to manage their invoice information. Giving them the ability to:

  • View standard call detail and summary information.
  • Create bar graphs to better illustrate usage trends.
  • Export data into over 20 different formats; including Lotus and Excel. Providing the versatility to share data with different facets of their organization in a format that meets a department's specific needs.
  • Create customized reports using the query writing feature. This powerful tool provides data mining capabilities. They can "drill down" and extract information based on parameters they determine. Users decide which fields are shown and in what order they are sorted.

Standard Reports

Standard reports are easily created with InTELEview. Drop down boxes allow users to decide which report "template" they would like to generate. Field names may be turned on/off so that only pertinent information is included. There are 19 standard reports to choose from. A click of the mouse will reveal a color bar graph of the data from these reports:


  • Usage Summaries: Longest Calls, Most Expensive, Most Active
  • Traffic Summaries: Call Access, Rate Period, Account Code, Call Distribution, Daily Distribution and Day of the Week
  • Geographic Summaries: Area Codes, Cities, States, and Countries
  • Frequency Summaries: Numbers, Area Codes, Cities, States, and Countries

Custom Reports / Query Writing Tool

The query writing feature allows users to select the determining factors for the type of report generated. Do they need a report of all calls over 15 minutes in length, placed between 2/02 and 2/27, in the evening, to Atlanta and Los Angeles? Query Constructor will build it. Query Constructor lets users "drill down" to the exact information needed. These specialized reports may be named and saved for use with future billing data.

Query Constructor screenshot
InTELEview's Query Constructor

Cost: $1,500.00 (One time set-up fee)
$20.00 per CD-Rom generated

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